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We chose Aijanae to be our doula for the birth of our first child, and I couldn't be happier with that decision. From the moment we met her, Aijanae put me at ease; she was knowledgeable, calm and friendly. In our pre-birth appointments, she helped us out both practical concerns (i.e. just what exactly do you need to pack in your hospital bags?) as well as checking in with us emotionally.

I ended up being induced 9 days after our baby's due date, a decision which made me feel a bit anxious. Aijanae was there every step of the way, helping me feel relaxed and making sure I was on board with the various medical decisions that needed to be made. Once labor really got going, I was SO glad Aijanae was there with us. I felt like she was on my same wavelength and I was able to focus on her words and advice. Even as contractions got more intense, I wasn't ever worried because I knew she was there supporting me. I eventually made the decision to get an epidural, and Aijanae helped facilitate that process as well.

Aijanae was also a big support for my husband, which was important to us. He wanted to play an active role in the labor and delivery but wasn't entirely sure how. Having Aijanae there allowed him to focus more on me and my needs. I was also grateful that Aijanae routinely checked in with him, making sure he was getting water, food and rest breaks.

Aijanae has been a big help during my postpartum recovery as well. I provided her with our insurance information, and she was able to recommend pelvic floor physical therapists who accept that insurance. So much nicer than having to search an insurance company's website!

All in all, we loved our experience with Aijanae. I'd recommend her to any couple getting ready to welcome a new child.


12/5/2018 Laura O.

Aijanae was the perfect doula for our first pregnancy and birth! Both of us had no idea what we were doing. Aijanae was very great at asking questions, listening to our thoughts and concerns, and offering ideas in a very kind and non-judgemental way. She was very reliable and checked in often. I felt very connected to her and confident walking into the birth. The night of the birth was really long and Aijanae stayed with us the whole time. She was supportive in ways ways that I didn’t even think that I needed - grabbing me water and feeding me snacks and helping me reposition on the bed when I wasn’t comfortable. During the delivery she was right by my side, offering guidance and encouragement. Even though my labor was long, I came out of it feeling very empowered and supported and strong and so much of that was because of Aijanae‘s support!! 


Melanie R

We had a wonderful experiencing working with Aijanae in preparation for the birth of our first child. She helped to guide us to resources to enable us to be better informed patients before the big day. Her knowledge and experience were just what we needed to help us develop our birth plan. She also assisted us in creating questions for the OB during the prenatal period.

When the contractions started, Aijanae immediately made herself available in the middle of the night and joined us at the hospital. She was with us, either in person or available by phone, during the entire 34-hour laboring process. When the contractions weren’t progressing like needed, she gave great advice for how we might approach the situation. Eventually, we got back on track and headed back to the hospital where Aijanae was the best support person I could have asked for. Her patience and expert guidance enabled me to deliver a healthy daughter vaginally, without pain medications or medical interventions. It’s hard to imagine that having been possible without her. If we had to do it again, we’d definitely use her again.


Betti & Mark

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